Introducing i-tec

Electric ground support equipment by Mallaghan

The electrification of ground support vehicles and ground handling equipment is part of a global effort by the aviation industry toward cleaner, greener airport transportation.

At Mallaghan, we are committed as a leading manufacturer of innovative and reliable GSE, to playing our part in developing green technology and energy-efficient, electrically powered GSE that guarantees operational, environmental, and financial benefits for airports and airlines across the world.

Mallaghan has been at the forefront of GSE development for over 30 years and with our new i-tec range, we will continue to lead the way in innovative solutions for the aviation industry by championing electric powered, zero emission ground support vehicles and equipment.

Our i-tec range will include:

Passenger transportation equipment

Ground handling equipment

Cargo handling equipment

Aircraft maintenance equipment

Aircraft catering equipment

Aircraft cleaning equipment

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