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Fan Blade De-icer

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    The Fan Blade De-icer is a light and easy manoeuvrable device for removing ice, snow etc from iced-up surfaces on an aircraft, particularly aircraft engines.

    An air intake hopper is manoeuvred up onto the exhaust of the aircraft’s air conditioning system, encompassing it & creating a seal. Ducting from the hopper then permits the flow of warm air from the exhaust through reinforced hosing to the designated treatment areas. As well as 2 large 300mm diameter hoses for the fan blades there is a smaller 50mm hose that can be manually guided to areas of heavier ice & to thaw door seals, fill points etc.

    Technical Specifications

    Serviceable Aircraft
    A319 / A320 / A321

    Standard Features

    • 25km/h maximum towing speed at lowered height
    • Tow bar which can be locked in one of three places
    • Features stable lifting mechanism for air intake hopper
    • Reinforced air conducting hose
    • Auxiliary hose nozzle to manually de-ice areas of heavier ice

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