Project Description

Fire Rescue Stair – FRS 6×6

The Mallaghan Fire Rescue Stair 6×6 has been developed for rapid emergency evacuation of aircraft passengers and offers:

• Serving main deck doors of wide body aircrafts such as A330, B747, B777
• Ease of use
• High drive stability & Robustness
• Safe working conditions
• Commercially competitive

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Technical Specifications

  • VOLVO FMX 6×6, other chassis available upon request
  • Drivers Cab with 1 driver + 1 co-driver seats
  • 2 equipment compartments (stainless steel frame) located underneath stairway, enclosed with roller shutter doors, or hinged pull-up doors
  • Rescue height: 3.5m to 6.0m
  • Hydraulically telescoping and tilting stairway
  • Stainless steel water transfer pipe
  • Fire Fighting hose reel on platform with flexible hose (length 30m)
  • UHP system (water/foam)
  • Fire Ventilator (battery, electric or petrol driven)
  • ‘Alusingen’ aluminium profile steps
  • CAS (Controlled Approach System)
  • Hydraulic ramp at rear of vehicle with automated adjustment with stair incline
  • Hydraulic stabiliser with large swivel feet and computerised automatic levelling system
  • Hydraulic DC and hand pump
  • Generator with electric supply to platform
  • Battery charger and auto-eject inlet
  • Front and rear blue flashing lights
  • Blue and Amber beacon
  • LED lights
  • Camera system


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