Project Description

Fuel Tanker

The Mallaghan Fuel Tanker is a custom build product, which is designed and manufactured to customer specific requirements. Options are available upon request, e.g. tank capacities, bottom loading system, pumping & metering systems. All images in this document are included for reference purposes only.

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    Technical Specifications


    • Commercial Chassis e.g. MAN, Mercedes-Benz
    • ADR compliant
    • Emission class depending on destination
    • Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) depending on tank size
    • Automatic Transmission
    • Variety of optional features available e.g. GCC specification, Driver Cab Air Conditioning

    Compliance (Standards & Norms)

    • Basic requirements for Aircraft Ground Support equipment (AHM 910)
    • Basic safety requirements for Aircraft Ground Support equipment (AHM 913)
    • Standard controls (AHM 915)
    • Functional Specification for self-propelled diesel Refuelling Vehicle for Ground Support Equipment (AHM 980)

    Superstructure (Sample Specification)

    • Tank body, Variety of tank sizes available from 3000 litres upwards
    • Made from aluminium or stainless steel according to ADR, code LGBF
    • Tank configuration to customer specification
    • Top loading
    • Sub-frame manufactured from mild steel with rubbers, mounted on chassis cab
    • ‘Blackmer HyDrive’ Cooler Hydraulics & Flow Selector Valve mounted to chassis
    • ‘Blackmer’ TXD1.5 Pump & Hydraulic Trunk / Motor Assembly mounted to chassis
    • Rear polished stainless-steel cabinet installed for metering system
    • Emergency Stop mounted in meter cabinet
    • Earth Reel mounted beside meter cabinet
    • Electronic display mounted in meter cabinet.
    • TCS 682 Mechanical Meter mounted in meter cabinet
    • Tank Top Access ladder is mounted on rear
    • Spring Rewind Reel mounted on rear
    • ElaFlex’ Hose, Nozzle & Holder mounted on rear
    • Type Approved Rear under-run fitted to rear of chassis
    • Flashing Beacon Mounted front and rear
    • Lifting handrail (Manual)
    • Walkway mounted on top of tank body
    • Electronic Tank Gauge for viewing tank volume installed in centre of tank.
    • Galvanised rear mud wings fitted with spray suppression
    • Extinguisher & Spill Boxes mounted on the chassis
    • Aluminium Type Approved side protection mounted to chassis
    • Tank Painted white (RAL 9010 to match chassis)
    • Tested & Measuring System Calibration

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