Project Description

MPL 32’ TM V-Deck

The MPL32’TM V-deck is specifically designed to provide a safe, stable & sizable workspace around mid-engine aircraft or vertical stabilizers. With an extensive range of options from on-board compressors & generators to sensor & camera systems, it provides for a very productive, efficient & safe work environment.

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    Technical Specifications

    Make & Model:
    Standard commercial chassis – Ford F750


    Platform Payload:

    Platform Size:
    Approximately 126” wide x 256” long, Extending forward 120”
    Maximum Working Height:
    32′ (floor height)

    As Standard:
    • ‘V’ section floor opening with removable cover plates
    • Aluminium tread plate floor with mounted anchor points
    • Rear access via enclosed & extending ladder

    • Removable handrails
    • Generator with electric power supply to platform
    • PLC control system
    • Jet-Oil tank and pumping system
    • Overhead tie-off beam
    • Jib crane, portable
    * Option bundles require approval due to restrictions with space.