Autonomous Stair


Autonomous Stair Product Enquiry Technical Specifications The Mallaghan ® Autonomous 'self-docking ' Passenger Stair. ADVANTAGES • Reduces damage to aircraft • Speeds up turnaround times for aircraft • Provides Green technology CHARACTERISTICS • Self-propelled • Self-guiding pressure sensitive safety bumpers • Ultrasonic sensors for proximity detection • Sensors [...]



Deicers The Mallaghan Deicer range of equipment has been designed to surpass the expectations and needs of customers in terms of mobile deicing and anti-icing of all aircraft types.  This European manufactured ‘state of the art’ Deicer been specifically designed so as to ensure high levels of efficiency, reliability and ease of use [...]

Motorised Passenger Stairs


Motorised Passenger Stairs The Mallaghan Motorised Passenger Stair range offers high performance and reliability for passengers at the aircraft. Available in commercial truck chassis mounted and self-propelled options, the Motorised Passenger Stair is a highly sophisticated piece of equipment, engineered to the utmost quality and safety standards. Product Enquiry [...]



Bendibelt The Mallaghan Bendibelt is an ingenious aircraft baggage loading system which enables baggage to be loaded/unloaded in a safe, efficient and expedient manner with the operator in control from within the baggage hold.  With a unique curvature design and key safety features it can deliver a number of significant benefits including [...]

PRM Medical Lifts


PRM Medical Lifts The highly acclaimed Mallaghan PRM Medical Lift has been specifically designed for the safe and comfortable transport of PRM passengers to and from the aircraft.  The Mallaghan Medical Lift ensures to provide a prompt and dignified service in the most comfortable manner possible.  The range is available in self-propelled and [...]