Autonomous Stair


Autonomous Stair Product Enquiry Technical Specifications The Mallaghan ® Autonomous 'self-docking ' Passenger Stair. ADVANTAGES • Reduces damage to aircraft • Speeds up turnaround times for aircraft • Provides Green technology CHARACTERISTICS • Self-propelled • Self-guiding pressure sensitive safety bumpers • Ultrasonic sensors for proximity detection • [...]



Deicers The Mallaghan Deicer range of equipment has been designed to surpass the expectations and needs of customers in terms of mobile deicing and anti-icing of all aircraft types.  This European manufactured ‘state of the art’ Deicer been specifically designed so as to ensure high levels of efficiency, reliability and ease of use [...]

Motorised Passenger Stairs


Motorised Passenger Stairs The Mallaghan Motorised Passenger Stair range offers high performance and reliability for passengers at the aircraft. Available in commercial truck chassis mounted and self-propelled options, the Motorised Passenger Stair is a highly sophisticated piece of equipment, engineered to the utmost quality and safety standards. Product Enquiry [...]



Bendibelt The Mallaghan Bendibelt is an ingenious aircraft baggage loading system which enables baggage to be loaded/unloaded in a safe, efficient and expedient manner with the operator in control from within the baggage hold.  With a unique curvature design and key safety features it can deliver a number of significant benefits including [...]

Water Service Trucks


Water Service Trucks The Mallaghan Water Service Truck has been specially designed to replenish the water tank of all aircraft types. Product Enquiry Technical Specifications Models WSU1000 •    1000 litre tank capacity WSU3000 •    3000 litre tank capacity WSU4500 •    4500 litre tank capacity Specification •    Stainless steel water [...]